Corporate Responsibility



LOGITIS/AEW is committed to a vision of prudent property stewardship with the goal to enhance the sustainability measures of its commercial property investments. LOGISTIS follows AEW’s commitment to:


  1. Reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and water usage through conscientious management and innovative practices
  2. Create healthy work environments that stimulate productivity and promote the sustainable communities in which they reside
  3. Raise awareness by communicating our sound environmental practices to employees, partners, investors and tenants
  4. Minimize risk and lower operating expenses to increase the efficiency and long-term value of our properties.


In addition to this, LOGISTIS has instituted a systematic approach to improve the operating metrics of its investments by incorporating ESG elements - environmental, social and governance - into its asset analyses.


This commitment is embodied in an environmental policy which further seeks to:


1. General sustainability

  • Ensure responsible fund and asset management, whilst reducing our environmental footprint


2. Environment       

  • Make a conscious effort to reduce energy consumption across the LOGISTIS portfolio through energy efficiency improvements and tenant engagement. By 2030, reduce energy usage by 40% against a 2010 baseline
  • Reduce the GHG emissions of LOGISTIS’s portfolio. By 2030, reduce GHG emissions by 40% against a 2010 baseline
  • By 2050, achieve net zero emissions for AEW LOGISTIS´s real property asset investments, in line with the Fund's comprehensive and action-oriented ESG roadmap in line with global efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C applying the CRREM pathway methodology
  • Aim to install LED lighting across 100% of the LOGISTIS portfolio by 2026
  • Aim to install SMART meters for energy monitoring across 100% of the LOGISTIS portfolio by 2026
  • Aim to monitor water consumption of 100% of the LOGISTIS by 2026
  • Obtain all the energy certificates of 100% of the LOGISTIS portfolio by 2023
  • Conduct a feasibility study on renewable energy at all sites in the portfolio, and install where relevant
  • Minimize risk of pollution by conducting a soil pollution audit before construction, and monitoring water and air emissions in LOGISTIS’s developments


3. Social

  • Achieve and promote zero discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and age amongst the employees of fund/ asset management
  • Deliver the required training to all employees of fund/ asset management to enable employees to perform their duties to the highest standard
  • Ensure fair salaries for all employees of fund/ asset management
  • Conduct a satisfaction survey for LOGISTIS’ tenants periodically and develop an action plan to improve satisfaction


4. Governance

  • Ensure full compliance with NATIXIS' code of ethics
  • Ensure full compliance with the UN Principles of Responsible Investment requirements
  • AEW/LOGITIS requests all subcontracts to comply with minimum ethical contractual requirements
  • Encourage and promote collaboration between stakeholders including property managers, tenants, investors, and employees
  • Ensure controls are in place to guarantee compliance to all codes of conduct for employees


5. Health and well-being

  • Monitor temperature at workplaces in office areas and storage areas
  • Ensure internal air quality ventilation and use low emission materials where possible to limit air pollution of the fund’s portfolio


AEW LOGISTIS Sustainability Report 2022
160124 AEW LOGISTIS Sustainability Repor
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